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Boarding School: the hardest parenting decision you may ever have to make.

Many parents find it difficult to place their daughter at a boarding school no matter how challenging things have become at home. Parents may feel that placing their daughter out of the home means they have failed to help her. Parents often worry about how other people, including extended family, will view their decision to send their daughter to boarding school. And parents usually feel guilty about their daughter not being at home, worrying that she will feel abandoned.

Here are some thoughts from New Leaf Academy parents (and Students!) that helped them move forward with this difficult decision:

"I am just back from Bend and a great visit with my daughter! She is doing great and showing many nice signs of progress including being willing to do math flash cards four times as she was supposed to during our visit. She does have more progress to be made which I am sure will come in time. 
I am writing to pass along my compliments to you and the great NLA team. My visit gave me an opportunity to see a regular weekend. This started with pick up on Friday where I observed how attentive the staff at New Leaf and at Sagebrush in particular were. This continued at the soccer game where staff, both the coaches and non-coaches, interacted with the girls constantly to keep them engaged and having fun. In addition, I saw staff members such as Camber and others who took time on their off days to cheer on the girls. Finally, at drop-off 'Sara' of course lit up when she saw Susan there to welcome her back.
It was nice to see the energy and attention to the girls that all members of the NLA team had at all times. I just wanted to share these observations and compliments with you. You are fortunate to have a great team, and we are fortunate to have 'Sara' at New Leaf." 


"Thank you for all you did for me at new leaf. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for holding me to a high standard. Thanks for your kind words, your listening ear, and you support. You made me think about my past and helped me learn to accept it. It’s funny how you were strangers to me just about 2 years ago but how much you mean to me now. You helped me find my true self and know what I am capable of. The person I am today was influenced by you and I am happy to say that you were a part of my life. You gave me many chances and advice, but the best thing you did was you truly changed my life. I never thought I would be so happy to have the life that I have and be the person I am. You made me mad but it was for my own good. I miss you and think of you every day. You inspired me so much and I know other girls are blessed to know you.
Even if I never see you again please remember that I am forever changed by who you are and what you meant to me. You touched my heart, soul and life and helped me make new goals for my long happy life!"

~Former Student

"I cannot express to you how much my visit back to New Leaf blessed me. As soon as I got there I felt right at home again. As I drove away, my aunt and I were talking about how this is one of the only places in the world where you can literally feel the care surrounding you. It's absolutely amazing. As for my life right now, I'm getting ready to leave for college."

~NLA Graduate

"So glad we made that difficult decision... It was the hardest thing I ever did to drop my daughter off at New Leaf. But I'm so glad we made that difficult decision. I can't believe the young woman my daughter has become and it would never have happened without New Leaf."

~Parent from California

"Helped heal our relationship.

The emotional and psychological support provided by New Leaf helped restore my daughter's self-esteem and self-confidence. The program helped heal our relationship and provided me with tools and resources. During parent seminars, I felt respected and appreciated. Throughout our New Leaf journey, we explored negative patterns and behaviors and are completely committed to positive changes and success."

~Parent from Oregon

"Different from any other place.

The group and family therapy sessions each week has brought us so much closer together and the communication is unbelievable. We thought ourselves to be a loving, close family and didn't believe we needed it, but it has truly shown us things we needed to change."

~Parent from New York

" 'Mary' is doing really well in school this semester.  You and the New Leaf team set her up for success and taught her the skills to work hard and be successful in high school.  She advocates for help with teachers, works hard, and the best part is that she does it on her own.  Before NLA, homework was a crazy struggle.  Thank you so much for all you've done for our daughter.  She is a true light in our lives and I can't even imagine where we would have been without you."

~Parents from California

"We decided to place our daughter at New Leaf because we felt her safety was in jeopardy at her public school which was rife with criticism and self-confidence zapping peer pressure. We were worried that our daughter would feel abandoned and were surprised to discover that the placement impressed upon her just how much we truly love and care about her."


"I felt terribly guilty when I took my daughter to New Leaf for the first time. I could not stop crying for a long time after we left. But all that changed when we went to see her on our first visit. We noticed a big improvement in her behavior and subtle but definite changes in her way of dealing with us. We finally started to hope."


"When we visited New Leaf, we could visualize our daughter there. And we thought it was the best environment for her to grow and recover because it wasn't good for her at home. It wasn't good for any of us. She blew our minds when she told us that she wished we would have sent her to New Leaf sooner."


"We felt an obligation to our other children to give them a home and a family in which there was not constant conflict and we also felt an obligation to our daughter to maximize the chances that she would get the best help she needed. We had her in therapy at home but once or twice a week wasn't enough."


"It is hard to place your daughter anywhere that you will not be with her daily, but if you are considering New Leaf, you may already know in your heart that your daughter needs more help than you can provide for her yourself."