A Typical Day

Everything at New Leaf Academy is designed to utilize a positive peer culture and maximize the opportunities for daily therapy.  Promoting efficacy in girls builds self-esteem and fosters a sense of accomplishment.  Daily chores, leadership responsibilities and animal care are scheduled into the day to provide small opportunities for students throughout their day to feel needed and worthy. 

New Leaf also believes that students need time scheduled into their day to be physically active.  Please check out our portfolio page to see how our facilitates support an active lifestyle.  Besides scheduled physical education we have bikes, snow shoes, roller blades, swing sets and other active equipment for students to use both inside and outside. 

Groups, individual therapy and family therapy are all scheduled after school so the girls get a typical school day experience.  Time is also intentionally left in the schedule for girls to have therapeutic, in the moment conversations with adults.


6:00 a.m.     Wake-up, chores, breakfast
"It's hard to get up at 6 a.m. but the house parents are there to help us get motivated. We have to do our chores and take care of our bunnies before breakfast and then we go to school. At least we get to sleep in a little later on weekends!"

8:00 a.m.     School Day Starts
"When we arrive at school, we line up on the playground and greet our teachers. Then we go to our first period class."

"The thing I like best about school is how helpful the teachers are. Even with math, my worst subject, I feel like I'm making progress."

Period 1     8:00  -   8:50 am       
Period 2     8:55  -   9:35 am

   Snack      9:35 -    9:55 am
Period 3    10:00  -  10:40 am       
Period 4    10:45  -  11:25 am       
   Lunch     11:25  -  12:05 pm
Period 5    12:10  -  12:50 pm 

Study Hall 12:55  -  1:30 pm    

"We have study hall right after school so we can get all our work done before we get home and get help from the teachers if needed."

2:00 pm     Snack Time

2:15 pm     Community Meeting and Groups (Mon, Wed and Thurs)
"Group is hard but it has really helped me learn to talk about my feelings."

2:15 pm     Physical Education (Tues, Wed, Fri)*
"We've done a lot of fun things for P.E. like dance and yoga. I liked soccer best, though."

4:00 pm     Learning Opportunities (L.O.'s)
"We get Learning Opportunities to help us to remember to follow expectations and use our tools.  Learning Opportunities are equal to 1/2 hour of work - giving back to the home in some way."

4:00 pm     Free Time Before Dinner
"I'm learning to knit and we made hats for homeless people last winter."

5:00 pm     Dinner

Individual and Family Therapy sessions
These sessions are happening throughout the afternoon and evening

7:15 pm     My Time
"During My Time, we can write letters home, journal, read, or work on assignments."

8:00pm       Last Light
"I love when the adults read us a story before bed."

*Sports and special activities occur immediately after the academic day. New Leaf Academy currently competes with both public and private middle schools in soccer.

Both intramural and interscholastic sports are regularly scheduled for weekdays and weekends. The Academy's Activities Director will design an individual program for your child's needs, goals and special abilities.

Students can attend church services on Sundays or Friday evening synagogue services.

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