Safety Standards + Security

At New Leaf Academy, we realize that the safety and success of your child are of primary concern and we take these responsibilities very seriously. We have been providing the highest quality care for youth and families for over two decades and have have earned outstanding reputations. We are solidly committed to evidence-based treatment that will produce positive results.

In addition to implementing best practices, we abide by a strict set of  safety standards to enhance the care that your child will receive. In addition, you can feel confident that all our programs are appropriately licensed or regulated by state or local agencies and adhere to established standards of care.

We know that the decision to send your child to boarding school can be one of the most difficult choices a parent will ever have to make. We understand your feelings of worry, loss of control and uncertainty for the future. Our highly qualified program staff have been trained how to help you through this difficult time. We hope to be of assistance and support to you throughout the therapeutic process.


As a fully accredited and licensed program, we proudly abide by the following safety guidelines:

  • Thorough intake assessment including previous medical and psychological history upon admission.

  • 24 Hour awake staff

  • Registered Nurse on staff who completes nursing assessment within 72 hours of admission.

  • Program Coordinator whose sole responsibility is to coordinate student health care appointments, transport students and relay information about appointments to parents, nurse and staff.

  • Board Certified Child Psychiatrists come on-site to meet with students and manage medications.

  • All staff trained annually by the registered nurse to disburse medications for student self-administration and must demonstrate competency.

  • Medications are securely locked.

  • 24-hour access to medical personnel

  • Regional Medical Center and Hospital located three miles from campus

  • Safety training and drills involving staff and students

  • All staff certified in First Aid and CPR

  • Infection control procedures strengthened during cold and flu season

  • All extra-curricular activities closely monitored

  • Rafting and backpacking activities use professional guides

  • Helmets worn at all times for scooters, bicycles and skateboards

  • Additional on-call back-up staff available at all times

  • Therapy provided by master’s level clinicians

  • Use of evidence-based practices to ensure outcomes

  • Fire and health inspections done annually; program in compliance with all fire and health requirements

  • Licensure by the state of Oregon requires that all buildings are maintained to building code standards and routine safety inspections of the property are done.

  • Vehicles are impeccably maintained and rigorously checked each week.