Physical Education + Specialized Services

Physical Education

Physical Education is a key element of the weekly curriculum. Some of our students may have had limited interest in athletics or physical education prior to enrollment. Others may have been involved in some athletics but perhaps fell short of their potential or dropped participation. That is why our focus at New Leaf Academy is on participation and teamwork. We emphasize that “attitude is everything”, and that balanced fitness and nutrition are important for every young girl.

We offer a wide variety of intramural sports and group activities, including hiking, swimming, biking, softball, field hockey, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, etc. Physical education classes are scheduled three times per week, either on campus or at one of the many sports parks throughout the Bend area.

Regarding competitive sports, New Leaf Academy soccer teams compete against other clubs every fall through the Bend Parks and Recreation District league.


Specialized Services

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum components, we are able to offer specialized services to our students including speech, language and occupational therapy as needed on an individual basis.