Our Philosophy

At New Leaf Academy, everything we do is based upon two guiding principles:

We believe very strongly
in the power and potential of youth.
We want to be an ideal environment in which the educational, social and emotional needs of young students can be treated in an atmosphere of compassion and support.

Sometimes, when a child is overwhelmed by life's demands, their potential can be hard to reach. As peer pressure, social competition, family relationships, hormonal and physical development, media image and academic pressure begin to collide, they can create "the perfect storm" in a young person's life. The result can be anger, frustration and doubt.

To address these issues – and to provide students with the support and structure they need to pursue the futures they both desire and deserve – we have established a compassionate community staffed by dedicated professionals who are focused on many aspects of our student's lives:

Therapeutic Experience:

We create a developmentally appropriate environment that is void of the distractions and challenges that an emotionally immature child is not capable of navigating. We allow her to be a "little girl" while she is working on the social, cognitive and emotional developmental milestones that she has been unable to accomplish.

Educational Experience:

Academic success is of primary importance to the developing self-esteem of the pre-adolescent or adolescent girl. New Leaf students don’t only experience academic success -- they also learn how to maintain that success in their next academic environment.

Social Experience:

Students at New Leaf Academy engage in a wide variety of social and recreational activities as a way to practice the social skills they are learning. We teach and support students in developing the skills to make and keep friends, and to become contributing members of a community.

Family Experience:

We believe that a significant factor in the success of our students is family involvement in the program. It would be difficult for a child to maintain the growth she experiences at New Leaf Academy without the support and collaboration of her parents.

Sometimes, a child can feel like a leaf in a windstorm.

At New Leaf Academy, we understand this feeling -- and we are committed to helping all of our students understand themselves, discover their innate strengths, hone their unique talents and realize their potential for the brightest possible future.

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