Health + Wellness

At New Leaf Academy we strive to promote healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.  Our cooks create delicious, homecooked meals three times a day.  Most of our meals are made from scratch and included healthy versions of kids favorites such as homemade pizza, spaghetti, pancakes, vegetable stir fry and salad bar.  We also serve two healthy snacks a day and have fresh fruit available at all times.

Providing healthy, nutritious food is only part of what creates healthy eating habits and wellness.  We eat family style while teaching girls about healthy portion sizes, appropriate table manners and conversation.  We also partner with Synergy Health and Wellness to provide educational support to our Food Service Manager and teach yearly nutrition classes to our students.

While healthy eating is paramount to a healthy lifestyle so is regular exercise, play and fresh air.  Our 5-acre campus offers many opportunities for girls to ride bikes, swing, shoot hoops and jog.  When the weather is poor we have stationary bikes, yoga videos, exercise balls, weights, personal trampolines and dance videos that help girls stay active.  We also have a rigorous physical education curriculum that all our students participate in three times a week.  

See the sample menu at right to get an idea of what the girls eat on a daily basis. If you would like a copy of this month's menu, please call our admissions line at 877.820.5050.