Family Services

At New Leaf Academy, we believe that a significant factor in the success of our students is family involvement in the program. It would be difficult for a child to maintain the growth she experiences at New Leaf without the support and collaboration of her parents. 


•  Support and educate parents through the process of their daughter's placement at New Leaf Academy
•  Improve parent/child communication and interactions
•  Restore parents' authority
•  Help parents understand their daughter's specific challenges and needs
•  Educate parents and child about patterns of relating that have become damaging
•  Develop strategies to intervene on negative patterns so that positive interactions can emerge

FAMILY SERVICES at New Leaf Academy include: 

Parent Coaching: Parents have six telephone sessions with a certified Parent Coach with Parent Coach Professionals to support them through the initial transition of placing their daughter at New Leaf.

Pre and Post visit Family Therapy: Families meet with the therapist prior to all visits with their child to discuss goals, concerns and strategies for successful family time. Families will also debrief their visits with a Family Therapy sessions as well.  

Family Seminars: New Leaf Academy offers three sequential family seminars.  Parents are highly encouraged to attend all three seminars in which they will work with their daughters on recognizing, interrupting and redirecting family patterns using art therapy and other experiential therapeutic interventions.

Family Workshops: Families can attend a two-day Family Workshop where they work to redirect family patterns through equine family therapy, art therapy and family sculpting.  These family workshops are small and intimate (1-3 families) and include siblings.

Aftercare Program: We offer a robust Aftercare Program that focuses on preparing for the transition home as well as continued therapy sessions after graduation to help ensure a successful transition home.

Family Bridge: This web portal provides families with the opportunity to keep updated on their daughters progress, build natural mentors in their community for their daughters return and provides resources and disseminates assignments so families can do their own work.