Aftercare Program

Research and experience have proven that the long-term success of a residential program is strongly correlated with family involvement throughout the program, as well as an intentional, thoughtful transition plan.  New Leaf Academy provides a comprehensive aftercare program designed to support a successful transition from New Leaf to a student and family's next step.

From the time of enrollment, we begin preparing for this transition.  Family work focuses on identifying unhelpful patterns within the family system and teaching new, more productive ways of interacting, communicating and relating to one another.  These things are addressed throughout a student and family's program through Family Seminars, Family Workshops, weekly family therapy and regular working visits, in addition to the family's therapeutic work outside of the NLA program. 

Roughly four to six months prior to a student's departure from New Leaf, our Aftercare Coordinator (a licensed therapist), who has been a part of the student's treatment team since admission, will begin targeted work with the student and family.  The Aftercare Coordinator will facilitate specialized groups with these students focused on addressing the trials and tribulations of their upcoming transition, join family calls to discuss individualized aspects of the family's transition, and collaborate with the student's primary therapist and treatment team to develop thorough, applicable post-NLA recommendations. 

The Aftercare Coordinator will team with parents and their educational consultant to help families select an appropriate school, home therapist, mentor, psychiatrist and/or other necessary professionals.  This ensures everyone is working together and aware of the student's and family's strengths, recent growth and continuing needs for a successful transition.

In the months following a family's transition out of New Leaf Academy, the Aftercare Coordinator will continue being an active part of your home team by providing weekly phone calls with both parents and student, with the intention of coaching, collaborating and mentoring.  The student will be offered opportunities to connect with other NLA alumni in a supervised, supportive manner.  The Aftercare Coordinator will also continue collaborating with home professionals, keeping everyone up to speed and working in parallel.  These services will be utilized for a minimum of three months after transition for optimum success.

Aftercare program services are an additional fee and are provided for a minimum of three months.  After three months families can continue on a month-to-month basis.  To get the most benefit out of these services, families are asked to sign up at least three months prior to a student's transition from New Leaf Academy. 

Prior to transition

  • Master's level Clinician to work with students in transition groups
  • Master's level Clinician to attend student's treatment team meetings and be aprised of areas of growth and needed support going forward
  • Master's level Clinician will collaborate with current therapist to create an implementable home transition plan (up to 5 additional phone calls while in treatment with a combination of parents and student)
  • Master's level Clinician will collaborate with home psychiatrist and/or specialists (including but not limited to speech and language therapist, teachers or school administrators, alternative healing doctors, etc.).  This would include both downloading professionals on student needs or speaking with professionals to support families vetting process in finding appropriate professionals to work with their daughter.  Up to 3 professionals for 2 hours each. 
  • Master's level Clinician will help develop a "home team" for the student (this could include teachers, coaches, spiritual mentors, family friends, etc).  Clinician will work with family to help identify natural mentors and then speak with those mentors to help them understand the student's treatment process and current support needed.
  • Additional individualized consultation around technology use (2 calls)
  • Master's level Clinician to conduct sibling focused family work (4 calls)

Upon transition

  • Collaborate with psychiatrist and/or specialists involved in student's care
  • Help develop and support student's home team
  • Family coaching schedule set up prior to transition

After transition

  • Master's level Clinician will conduct weekly student mentor sessions.
  • Master's level Clinician will conduct weekly family coaching session (could include siblings, parents, student or any combination).
  • Master's level Clinician will provide as needed real time support up to 4 hours/month (9am-9pm).
  • Master's level Clinician will collaborate with psychiatrist, therapists, educators and/or specialists up to 1 hour/week of consultation.
  • Master's level Clinician will continue to support the development of a home team.
  • Utilize social media as a positive support system.

*In home family support and collaboration is available upon request.