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Boarding school - the hardest parenting decision you may ever have to make:

Many parents find it difficult to place their daughter at a boarding school no matter how challenging things have become at home. Parents may feel that placing their daughter out of the home means they have failed to help her. Parents often worry about how other people, including extended family, will view their decision to send their daughter to boarding school. And parents usually feel guilty about their daughter not being at home, worrying that she will feel abandoned.

Here are some thoughts from New Leaf Academy parents that helped them move forward with this difficult decision:

"We love our daughter more than anything in the world, but that love wasn't translating into really being able to help her. It was very painful to acknowledge that, as much as we cared and as much as we wanted to help her, her being home was simply not the best answer for her."

"We decided to place our daughter at New Leaf because we felt her safety was in jeopardy at her public school which was rife with criticism and self-confidence zapping peer pressure. We were worried that our daughter would feel abandoned and were surprised to discover that the placement impressed upon her just how much we truly love and care about her."

"I felt terribly guilty when I took my daughter to New Leaf for the first time. I could not stop crying for a long time after we left. But all that changed when we went to see her on our first visit. We noticed a big improvement in her behavior and subtle but definite changes in her way of dealing with us. We finally started to hope."

"When we visited New Leaf, we could visualize our daughter there. And we thought it was the best environment for her to grow and recover because it wasn't good for her at home. It wasn't good for any of us. She blew our minds when she told us that she wished we would have sent her to New Leaf sooner."

"We felt an obligation to our other children to give them a home and a family in which there was not constant conflict and we also felt an obligation to our daughter to maximize the chances that she would get the best help she needed. We had her in therapy at home but once or twice a week wasn't enough."

"It is hard to place your daughter anywhere that you will not be with her daily, but if you are considering New Leaf, you may already know in your heart that your daughter needs more help than you can provide for her yourself."

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