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Safety and Success - New Leaf Academy
New Leaf Academy Private Therapeutice Middle School for Girls
New Leaf Academy - Success Stories

"A Life Altering Experience"

I am a single mother of a now 17 year old daughter who has been enrolled with tremendous success. Without the aid of these programs she would most likely be in jail and her life would be a terrible mess.

I miss having her at home with me but realize every day how lucky we are that she has had this opportunity in her life. It truly has been a life-altering experience for both of us which will allow us to go on and have a healthy, happy relationship together as mother and daughter!

~Jean (Illinois)

"A Graduate Returns for a Long Awaited Homecoming"

"I cannot express to you how much my visit back to New Leaf blessed me. As soon as I got there I felt right at home again. As I drove away, my aunt and I were talking about how this is one of the only places in the world where you can literally feel the care surrounding you. It's absolutely amazing. As for my life right now, I'm getting ready to leave for college".

~Adrianne, NLA Graduate

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