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Safety and Success - New Leaf Academy
New Leaf Academy Private Therapeutic Middle School for Girls
New Leaf Academy - Private Therapeutic Middle School for Girls

For a middle school girl, social interactions are her whole world. Developmentally, girls begin to define themselves through their social interactions during this period of their growth. For those girls who struggle to make friends and/or keep friends, there is a devastating delay in development as peers begin to mature and surpass the socially challenged girls in their interests and abilities to relate socially.

New Leaf Academy all-girls boarding school specializes in helping girls gain social skills and maturity and make lasting friendships. At New Leaf, the peer culture is designed to help girls:

  • See themselves more clearly and learn how their behavior impacts others;
  • Get immediate feedback about their interactions with others;
  • Gain the skills to resolve peer conflicts appropriately;
  • Learn how to make and keep friends;
  • Develop an understanding of what makes a good friend and what to look for in a friend;
  • Internalize a standard of personal conduct to guide her in future peer interactions;
  • Identify positive ways to meet her needs for belonging and attention.
Girls at New Leaf Academy engage in a wide variety of social and recreational activities as a way to practice the social skills they are learning.

4-H Program
Each New Leaf girl earns the right to raise her own bunny which she will show in the Deschutes County Fair in July.

Community Service
New Leaf partners with many organizations in town such as The Ronald McDonald House, The Environmental Center, The Family Kitchen and Equine Outreach to teach the value of service and community involvement to the girls

Skiing and Snowboarding
New Leaf takes advantage of Mt. Bachelor to teach all the girls skiing and snowboarding.

Horsemanship Training
Girls attend a horsemanship program at Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center where they learn and practice English horseback riding. Learn more about our Equine Therapy Program.

Community Soccer League
New Leaf competes against other middle schools each fall during soccer season after our week-long soccer camp.

Rafting, Camping and Backpacking
Girls have many opportunities throughout the year to enjoy the beauty of Central Oregon

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