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At New Leaf Academy, we strive to promote healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. With an emphasis on good food prepared well to keep the body healthy and strong, our kitchen manager and staff prepare meals for nutritional value and taste.

Because good nutrition is vital for growing girls, it is our goal to provide the healthiest meals possible. We don't serve "junk food" like hot dogs, potato chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, candy, cookies or other empty calorie foods. All meals are prepared onsite from fresh ingredients, and our pasta, bread and tortillas are made from whole wheat flour.

Breakfast is served in the Great Hall before school. Snacks are served between meals to keep the girls going throughout the day, and the girls return to the Great Hall for dinners served family style.

See the sample menu below to get an idea of what the girls eat on a daily basis. If you would like a copy of this month's menu, please call our admissions line at 877.820.5050.

Sample Menu From Our Kitchen

Coco French toast
Cottage cheese

Morning Snack
Seasonal Fresh fruit

Bay shrimp salad, Crackers & Fruit
Pot Roast w/ potatoes & vegetables with a roll
And a Winter salad

Afternoon Snack
String cheese & fruit

Chicken and broccoli stir fry over Asian rice
Turkey meatloaf with
Mashed potatoes, Veggies & Salad

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