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Safety and Success - New Leaf Academy
New Leaf Academy Private Therapeutice Middle School for Girls
New Leaf Academy - Private Therapeutic Middle School for Girls

Academic success is of primary importance to the developing self-esteem of the pre-adolescent or adolescent girl. At New Leaf Academy, a boarding school for girls, our students not only experience academic success but also learn how to maintain that success in their next academic environment.

Most of our students enter New Leaf Academy as discouraged learners for any of the following reasons:

  • Social and peer interactions have kept her from reaching her academic potential;
  • Emotions have interfered with her ability to retain and apply academic information;
  • A specific learning challenge that has not been successfully addressed in her current academic environment has made school difficult and discouraging for her.

Girls experience academic success at New Leaf Academy with the following interventions:

Skill-Based Learning: A student's academic skill level is assessed upon enrollment, and she is placed in a classroom that matches her ability as opposed to her grade level. This allows a girl who is struggling academically to learn with other girls who are working at the same level. Now she can focus on school rather than on how different she feels from her peers. This also allows a girl who is beyond grade level to work to her potential and to excel academically through continued skill development.

Personal Academic Plan: Each girl has her own Academic Plan designed specifically for her academic needs. Girls learn how to access their intelligence through their learning strengths and how to advocate for themselves in a classroom environment. They also learn how to manage emotions and social issues during the school day school, which is essential for academic success.

Core Academic Coursework: New Leaf's academic curriculum is focused on a solid foundation in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Literature, and Composition.

Click here to see a typical academic schedule.

Quotes From Students About Our School:

"I have become a lot more confident and independent in my work. I have learned so many coping skills to help me get through class and how I learn best. And I've learned how to have relationships with my teachers."

~Natalie, age 15

"I now value education and hope to go to NYU. I also have learned so many study tools to help me in school. I've learned not to be 'afraid', to advocate for myself and to ask questions."

~Nikki, age 16

"I like that we do more hands on things and stuff that will keep us interested and we don't always do the same old same old."

~Jenna, age 13

"The way the teachers help us stay caught up and organized is great."

~Margaret, age 12

"At Young School I have learned how to do my work in a timely manner with a positive attitude. I learned how to not interrupt or blurt out things in class. I've gotten more comfortable with asking questions instead of immediately shutting down. I've learned how to use my tools and what tools to use when I am distracted and not paying attention."

~Tina, age 13

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